The Wire Rope Technical Board (WRTB) is an association of engineers from companies that account for more than 90 percent of the wire rope produced in the United States. It has the following objectives:
• To promote development of engineering and scientific knowledge relating to wire rope;
• To assist in establishing technological standards for military, governmental and industrial use;
• To promote development, acceptance and implementation of safety standards;
•  To help extend the uses of wire rope by disseminating technical and engineering information to     equipment manufacturers;
• To conduct and/or underwrite research for the benefit of both industry and user.

To obtain any of the WRTB publications, warning tags, sheave gauges, or the ASTM Standard Specification for Wire Rope, please contact WRTB Fulfillment at 816-676-0811 or print out an order form that can be obtained on this site.

For any questions about the activities of the WRTB or for technical information about wire rope, please contact the WRTB office at the address below or call any member company for assistance.
Wire Rope Technical Board
PO Box 151387
Alexandria, VA 22315-1387
  Telephone 703+299-8550
Fax: 703+299-9253